Sure you can! Our very first client was Grenland Ryttersportsklubb (Grenland riding sports club), and it's the second largest riding club in Norway! They have agreed to serve as our primary reference client. You can reach them by emailing
We appreciate that many riding clubs are eager to replace their old timing systems for OmniPro, but are unable to wait until the Elite system has been homologated and starts shipping. But rest assured - we will offer the opportunity to upgrade a Club system to an Elite once we have homologated and started shipping the Elite system.
OmniPro requires Equipe in order to run competitions. No other competition software is supported at this time, but this may change subject to demand, so if your competition software is different let us know and we will consider supporting it.
OmniPro only runs on 64-bit Windows 10 or later. If there is sufficient demand we will consider other operating systems such as linux, macOS or ChromeOS
  • OmniPro Basic has 1 optical gate only, and comes in a regular storage case. It comes with cables, charger, and tripods, ready to run simple competitions and training sessions with only one start and one finish line. Optional extras are available.
  • OmniPro Club has 3 optical gates (with tripods) for start, split and finish lines. Optional extras are available.
  • OmniPro Elite has 3 optical gates (with tripods) for start, split and finish lines. Its storage case has a detachable trolley and comes with a thermal printer and a manual start/stop button with audio output. This timing system will be homologated by the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) for the highest level of equestrian competitions.
All systems can be used in either training mode or competition mode (used with equipe). They can all be supplied with a large spectator screen for the audience to follow the action.
Yes, all OmniPro timing systems work seamlessly with Equipe.
OmniPro Basic and Club timing systems have been shipping since August 2023.
No, each system only supports the number of gates it was sold with, so please select carefully when ordering. The OmniPro Basic supports 1 gate only. The OmniPro Club and Elite systems come with 3 gates.
Sometimes it's hard to choose. But rest assured that we are here to help you decide which OmniPro timing system is best for your requirements today and tomorrow. Just contact us and leave us a message and we will get back to you!
We offer 2 years warranty on all of our products. If you experience any issues please email our support department at and we will help you out.
We will start shipping once we have completed FEI homologation tests.